Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Broward County, FL

If you own a restaurant, then you know the long list of regulations you have to meet, especially to abide by cleanliness and health standards. While this is an important step of running a restaurant, most of the employees you hire specialize in the food industry, such as hosts, servers, and chefs. You do not want to ask them to participate in the cleaning of your restaurant space as well.

Instead, hire a restaurant cleaning service like Superior Hood & Duct. We can help you with deep cleaning, disinfecting, and kitchen hood cleaning to maintain health and hygiene standards. Read on to learn more about our restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services in Broward County, FL.

Why Should You Choose Superior Hood & Duct?

Since 1999, Superior Hood & Duct has been helping Floridian restaurant owners keep their hood and duct systems clean and on par with regulations. For example, we use the National Fire Protection Association’s codes and standards for ventilation and fire protection to ensure that your restaurant is a safe place for employees to work and customers to eat.

What Is Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

One of the leading causes of fires in restaurants is grease fires. One way to prevent grease fires is by cleaning your kitchen hood and removing the grease build-up. The NFPA regulates the cleaning of your restaurant kitchen hood depending on the frequency of use. Most restaurants should clean their kitchen hoods monthly or quarterly.

The team at Superior Hood & Duct can help you abide by these mandates. We can take this part of owning a restaurant off your plate so you can focus on the food and the customers.

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