Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Broward County, FL

Commercial kitchens are found in a broad variety of industries. For example, gas stations, bakeries, caterers, and hotels all use commercial kitchens and range hoods. However, in all of these industries, kitchen hoods need to be cleaned to maintain health and safety standards. Read on to learn more about commercial kitchen hood cleaning and how Superior Hood & Duct can help.

If you have a commercial kitchen in Broward County, FL, you need professionals to help you abide by the government standards for cleaning and sanitation. The team at Superior Hood & Duct can help you with maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Fire Hazard

Oil and grease are some of the most volatile components of a fire. If you do not remove the grease from your kitchen hood, it creates the perfect conditions for a serious fire. Grease fires endanger your employees, customers, and property, so take every precaution to remove any potential fuel source. Superior Hood & Duct can perform regular maintenance to make sure fire safety is upheld.

Bacteria and Mold

Grease build-up on your kitchen hood creates a moist and warm environment; perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and mold to grow and spread.

Both of these invaders not only go against government standards but also create an unhealthy environment for your staff and customers. Bacteria and mold can cause serious health problems if people consume them in their food. That’s why this is a major reason you need to ensure that your kitchen hood is cleaned regularly and efficiently.

Contact Superior Hood & Duct for proper sanitation and disinfection of your kitchen to ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers. For more information on commercial kitchen hood cleaning services, give us a call at +1 (561) 927-7045. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.